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Year in Review

Hello there! Another year around the sun and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past year personally and professionally. This was a fun exercise to do by going through recent photos and reflecting on my accomplishments and sweet memories.

July 2021 - A quiet month including a spa visit with a friend from college, lots of time cozying up with Bunny in a new home.

August 2021 - Finished my first diptych painting, sparking a series of more multi-paneled pieces.

September 2021 - Much needed nature escape to upstate New York.

October 2021 - Welcomed BeauBella home. As a cat lady the learning curve was (has been) steep with a high energy girl, but the puppy love is sooo sweet.

November 2021 - Taking the multi-paneled artwork to new heights, I began a 3 panel (unfinished) piece and even hosted an Instagram live to test the waters.

December 2021 - Completed my first public mural, bringing a snowy winter atmosphere to the sunny Florida office.

January 2022 - Painted and mailed first anniversary card collab with local Pittsburgh florist The Blue Daisy Floral Designs.

February/March 2022 - A quiet couple of months, turning my attention to community college classes.

April 2022 - Public mural project for anthropology class - running around town capturing some of the massive works on the city walls & streets. Tried a daily drawing challenge to get back in touch with my creativity. I love drawing inspiration from photos of nature I’ve snapped throughout the year.

May 2022 - Started my first official studio art courses to fulfill future art therapy certificate requirements.

June 2022 - EAUX’s first market - prints, postcards and bookmarks. It was a treat meeting the peeps of Lakeland at the Buena Market.

Here’s to many more adventures, opportunities and lots of room for growth! If you like following along, don’t forget to subscribe and join my mail list for more light and beauty.

Lots of Love,


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